Michael Bell is an award winning vocalist and songwriter and no stranger to the music of David Bowie. His first theatrical production "ChangesAllBowie" toured the "A circuit" in the late 80's and included 8 costume changes, dancers, theatre props and a custom recorded musical accompaniment. He hung up his "Ziggy" in the early 90's and never imagined professionally performing Bowie again! After David's untimely death January 10, 2016, his calling returned, as did the industry interest. Contacting long time musical director Michael Beaclerc, they began auditioning players to fill out a band capable of performing some of Rock's most challenging material. Now...

Michael has had a long and varied musical career which began while in high school fronting Ontario cult success "Strobic Axe", a new wave/punk outfit that toured their independent LP and packed clubs from Stratford to Peterborough, all long before the band was old enough to drink! After graduation the band members went their own way and Michael took to busking his way back and forth across Canada (most notably packing the corner of Yonge and Dundas with folk duo "Bruce Street.") It was during his time in Toronto he was discovered by guitarist/songwriter Andy Ryan and asked to front the popular club act "Trixie Goes Hollywood." Within the month the two moved on and with the help of producer Mark Caporal formed the pop rock band "Eye Eye." The act would go on to win the 1984 Q107 Homegrown Contest and be pursued by every major label in the country...

At the height of his career, Michael met the woman of his dreams and decided to leave the road to start a family, a business and a new life. Though he continued to perform occassionally, fronting a number of cover/tributes (ChangesAllBowie, Canuck, Broadband), he pursued his music online and in the recording studio. He was awarded a FACTOR New Talent Award in the 90's and found himself in the studio with producer Greg Wells (Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Elton John) Between the years of 2000-2005 he independently released 5 CD's as "NumberOneWorld", topped a number of internet charts, and mentored, promoted and recorded countless young performers and bands.

For the past 30 years, Michael has led a diverse and successful life. He is publisher of a number of magazines including "The Wire Megazine" one of Canada's oldest alternative regional tabloids. In 2003 he launched the KnowAboutNetwork, an online network of independently operated city business and event directories spanning the globe. As a journalist, he has been granted exclusive interviews with the likes of Gene Simmons to Ralph Nader. As a model, he has appeared in campaigns promoting everything from doctors to motorcycles to hot tubs. As an activist, he ran twice as a Federal Green Party Candidate (2008, 2011) and continues to be politically active in his home town of Peterborough sitting and chairing a number of boards and committees aimed at social and environmental responsiblility. As a family man, he remains married to that same special woman and celebrates the achievements of his two adult daughters.


Meet the Band

michael beauclerc

Michael Beauclerc: Drums

Michael is an accomplished session player with a music degree in percussion and vocal. He also tours the country as a Yamaha sponsored artist.

janet whiteway

Janet Whiteway: Keyboards & Vox

Janet is a multi-instrumentalist song-writer and recording artist and no stranger to Bowie, performing with the successful Bowie club act “I Will Be King”... Photo: Heather Pollock

jason white

Jason White: Guitar

The Maestro Jason White has perhaps the hardest job; emulating a great number of the world's most original guitarists with flare.

bobby shaw

Bobby Shaw: Sax & Percussion

Bobby Shaw has shared the stage with the cream of Toronto’s Jazz scene....

dawson mcmanus

Dawson McManus: Bass

Dawson is recognizable as a top session bassist and vocalist, often touring with guitar sensation Emily Burgess & The Emburys

jc velvet

JC Velvet: Guitar/Keys & Multimedia

JC Velvet is a music producer and independent filmmaker maker, responsible for the musical “spice” and our video creations.

sj riley

SJ Riley: Vocal & Model

SJ Riley is an up and coming original recording artist, model and actress. She plays many roles in our show and adds the colour of costume and strong backing vocals. More information can be found at www.sjrileymusic.com

* Photo Credits: ShootingStarr Rock & Roll Photography