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5 Stars! Unbelievable. I could have watch 2 or 3 more hours of The Bowie Lives. Richard Crouse CTV PopLife Host

By far the best Bowie tribute I’ve ever seen. Sam Grosso Cadillac Productions

Bowie fans flocked to The Duke in Toronto to watch The Bowie Lives sold out performance on March 9th. Led by award-winning vocalist Michael Bell, the night featured an all-star band as well theatrics and costumes and turned the whole bar into dance floor full of smiles and singing. I had the opportunity Michael Bell in advance of the show, and in doing research for that I came across a number of raving reviews for the show, after witnessing it myself I can certainly see why, it was a blast! Bell delivers an incredible Bowie, and I think one of the parts that makes it such a great tribute is that he’s not trying to be Bowie, he’s not pretending to be him or dressing up like him but paying tribute to his music through an intimate rock show, and giving fans a chance to finally experience the art of a cherished artist in a live setting without feeling like their being sold a gimmick. And boy did those fans get a bang for their buck! Bowie fans aren’t easily pleased, and I’m sure there were a few superfans who were skeptical about the tribute, but this band won over everyone in the bar that night, fans were singing along word for word, to every song and turned the Duke into raging party. It was a beautiful feeling in the room seeing everyone so connected through music, and I’m sure many fans walked away with some magical memories from the Duke that night. DropOut Entertainment

Some concerts that we attend in life stick out in our minds for various reasons and this one is a show I will always remember. Muzik Mirage Magazine

Saw you last year in Peterborough, blew my mind! Cannot wait to see you in Port Dover, then 3 weeks later in Lindsay Paula

Saw the show last night in Midland and was blown away. Was a little apprehensive at first as I have been a Bowie fan since I was a teen and i was concerned the band may not do the songs justice. i was overwhelmingly thrilled at what I heard and saw, from the first note I was hooked. The biggest take away is you can tell the lead singer is truly a devoted fan himself. Loved the way you honoured David Bowie. Hope to see you in Collingwood Kelly Jones

This tribute band are as close as you can get to David Bowie without the man being on stage himself. Carl

Though Michael doesn’t try to imitate David Bowie, he still captures and delivers a legitimate Bowie experience. The band was also very skillful at delivering solid backing for Michael’s vocal. March 9 at The Duke was fabulous. Scott

Hello. I swore I’d never see a Bowie cover, none could pull it off I told myself. Fast forward to Sat night in Peterborough, where I sat front row centre…just down from the lovely aunt. Ok, unbelievable. As a devout Bowie fanatic for 45 years, I can honestly say nothing, there aren’t enough words. Putting the amazing musicians & vocal talent aside, it was the show itself. How honoured we felt to be part of what really felt like a family private party. I’m a Nana to 3 & soon 4 grandchildren. I couldn’t stop thinking what an amazing memory you were giving her and your family & All The Young Dudes, well I cried lol. Thank you for an evening I won’t soon forget & cannot wait to hear you’ll be back in town!!!! Paula

Absolutely loved your show last night in Collingwood!! Cheryl Anne

My wife and 4 of our friends caught your show in Collingwood last night. You guys were incredible. 5 Stars. The 6 of us thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I love how you transitioned through the Bowie years. I would go see that show again tonight. If any of you folks out there like David Bowie but have not seen “Bowie Lives” you need to go. Thanks guys for a magical night. Greg

It was an amazing show!!! Tickets were an anniversary present from my husband and it was the perfect night! Lyndsay

Another great show. We bought tickets to the Oct 21st show in Peterborough when we got home Kelly